25 Oct

Spark platform tests at Grenoble (Stimulo, GINP) and at Milano (Artefice, PoliMi, UBath)

  • Oct 25, 2017

Additional tests are conducted to further validate the platform’s potential. Read more

12 Oct

Congresso GIFLEX in Roma

  • Oct 12, 2017

Artefice presents the Spark platform at Giflex, the annual congress of the... Read more

08 Sep

Mid-term Review with the Spark Project Officer and the EU Reviewers

  • Sep 08, 2017

The status of the Spark project is reviewed by the EU Project Officer and a... Read more

07 Sep

Consortium meeting @ Milano

  • Sep 07, 2017

The partners meet to discuss the M1-18 achievements and the M19-36 plan. They... Read more

06 Sep

Spark is demonstrated “live” in a second webinar to the End-user and Stakeholder Board

  • Sep 06, 2017

To illustrate the progress made on the development of the Spark platform, the... Read more

25 Aug

Spark’s paper elected favourite at ICED17

  • Aug 25, 2017

The scientific publication “Applying Multiple Metrics in the Performance... Read more

23 Aug

Spark case studies presented at the International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED17)

  • Aug 23, 2017

The Spark academic leaders present Stimulo’s and Artefice’s co-created case... Read more

03 Aug

Spark in Fashion

  • Aug 03, 2017

Stimulo designs a proper Spark T-shirt to boost the project’s promotion. Read more

04 Jul

Consortium meeting @ Grenoble

  • Jul 04, 2017

The partners have met at GINP to discuss the mid-term achievements and to plan... Read more

03 Jul

Second internal demo and test of the Spark platform

  • Jul 03, 2017

At GINP a workshop is organized to test the Spark platform with Artefice and... Read more